The sky is a shade of crimson The winds are so strong that people are running for cover The lightning cracking down like a whip And the thunder is growling back in response The calm before the storm has passed The rains are here. The once or twice a year ones. How can I not rejoice? Tried to not waste too much time today attempting to capture the perfect lightning … Continue reading “Cloudburst”


The rains have arrived in India. And in the world.  What a beautiful time of the year.  Yes, I will never tire of writing about them.  I’ve been like-ing, Favourite-ing and RT-ing all rain related posts, pictures, songs on all social media platforms. I’ve been staring out at the Sun from my window, in the hope that my message will be received.  So all this afternoon, I have been listening … Continue reading “RainyMood”


Seventeen years of living in this country and I haven’t experienced weather like this. I guess I am overdoing the droplet pictures and the thunderstorm videos. It is so difficult to resist.  Roads are blocked. Wadis are overflowing. There is chaos.  All because of a night of constant precipitation.  At 6 am today, one could easily have mistaken the view out my window as a hill station.  I plugged in … Continue reading “Cascade”

Old Melodies

Just last night, the skies grew dark and bolts of lightning glimmered through the clouds – marking the last rains of the season, and the incoming summer.  Perfect time to sit on my rocking chair and hum some of my favourite songs of old, while listening to the low rumbling outside my window.  While I grew up, I heard little to none of these songs – wasn’t a huge TV … Continue reading “Old Melodies”

Dilli In Transit

Apart from the weddings, this was the part of the trip I was most looking forward to. Never thought I would be this excited to be back in Delhi NCR. My time spent there was the nicest among all the days.  This is what I did: # Got a haricut. At Bella Madonna, Galleria. Loved it.  # Had breakfast by myself at my most favourite place in Gurgaon – Sakley’s … Continue reading “Dilli In Transit”

November Rains

Hardly anything makes me more happy than rains. I had been thinking that the year’s hundredth post should be about something happy. Somehow, the message got through, and after weeks of the Met Department predicting unstable weather, it finally poured this evening. And I found my subject. It always rains in Muscat on Fridays. I wonder why. Maybe its Mother Nature’s way of saying that this week too, shall pass 🙂 … Continue reading “November Rains”


Isn’t it almost magical when something you least expect comes to life? It was an identical emotion when dark clouds appeared out of the blue and there were raindrops on my head this Thursday. Like I have told many, seeing a cloud cover used to prompt us to ask for a ‘free period’ in school.  The magnitude of actual precipitation can be imagined. Rumbling thunder, cracks of lightning, subtle showers.  Makes for any … Continue reading “Mirage”


I concur with Mr. Marley. I feel this more than ever because the childhood has been stripped of it. People around me cringe at the sight of an overcast or the rumbling of thunderclouds. The joy I feel is beyond description. So when I stepped out in Calcutta today and it rained cats and dogs, I could not help myself from flinging away the umbrella and soaking up the showers. … Continue reading “Drenched!”


Over a year ago, I had first heard of Instagram and seen what filters can do to seemingly boring photographs. After my recent rendezvous with the mind-blowing iPhone I have actually spent some quality time with the app and it is safe to say that I’m an Instagram addict! Captures from the season through the #instagram lens 🙂 Droplets! My favourite! View from an auto-rickshaw Rear-view Brolly and wet tiles … Continue reading “Insta!”


It seems like the rains might finally be here. There is a perpetual overcast and frequent drizzles. I’m in my happiest frame of mind. I’ve also recently discovered ‘Advaita’ – they were playing live at the Olympics Opening Ceremony screened at the British High Commissioner’s Residence. Among the madness, I stood still for a moment and listened to their lead vocalist. This is my recent favourite from them, reflecting the … Continue reading “Engulfed”