Sun ~ Sea ~ Sand

There used to be a time when I didn’t mind working weekends, lots of consecutive weekends. Late hours. Pizza for all three meals. Doing the work of three people at less than the basic wage rate of a American Mc Donald’s fries maker.  Those days are long gone. As have the reasons why I even enjoyed the crazy times.  So when I was asked to staff a weekend media event, … Continue reading “Sun ~ Sea ~ Sand”

Adventure is out there!

I hate to interrupt the Europe series, but they take a while to write and I simply cannot contain the excitement of what was probably the most eventful weekend in the past year!  Most of my weekends are just two days where I do nothing according to routine, just to challenge the monotony of everyday (Read: Sleep late, wake up late, eat, read, sleep, watch series, eat and then go … Continue reading “Adventure is out there!”

Mix ‘Em Up!

Muscat is experiencing the full blast of the summers and there’s little to do, than sit at home on the weekends and empty large goblets of mango smoothie. So I found myself a little hobby to pass the time – cocktail making 101.  Baba had this stock of liquor bottles that he never really used, being a whiskey person Living in Pune and Delhi, I’ve had the opportunity to sample … Continue reading “Mix ‘Em Up!”

Pocket Confectionery

What does one do when a boring weekend is coming to an end, when there’s absolutely nothing to watch on TV and when your favourite football team was defeated 4-0 marking the end of a rather disappointing season? Bake. Of course.  I came across this recipe whilst Pinterest-ing and saved it, owing to the sheer simplicity that it promised. Can you thinking of mixing a few ingredients into your regular … Continue reading “Pocket Confectionery”


Seventeen years of living in this country and I haven’t experienced weather like this. I guess I am overdoing the droplet pictures and the thunderstorm videos. It is so difficult to resist.  Roads are blocked. Wadis are overflowing. There is chaos.  All because of a night of constant precipitation.  At 6 am today, one could easily have mistaken the view out my window as a hill station.  I plugged in … Continue reading “Cascade”

Marina Thursday

The ocean getaway was being planned for a while now, but the winds just weren’t cooperating. So this Thursday morning, when my colleague Rebecca texted me to say that WindFinder was predicting waveless seas, I was up at 7 am all dressed and read to hit the blue! Rebecca and her husband own a lovely little motorboat here and take it out on weekends from the Bander Al Rowdha Marina. … Continue reading “Marina Thursday”

Muscat Travelogue | Wadi Dayqah

Can you envision a plush open water-filled reservoir lake in the middle of the Arabian desert? I couldn’t too. Until I visited one last weekend. In the wilayat of Quriyat, nestled into the eastern Hajar mountains, is a crescent shaped lake filled with crystal blue waters and shapely rocks rising from the bottom. Having being constructed in 2009, the project was under wraps, while it was being tested. Finally opened … Continue reading “Muscat Travelogue | Wadi Dayqah”


Isn’t it almost magical when something you least expect comes to life? It was an identical emotion when dark clouds appeared out of the blue and there were raindrops on my head this Thursday. Like I have told many, seeing a cloud cover used to prompt us to ask for a ‘free period’ in school.  The magnitude of actual precipitation can be imagined. Rumbling thunder, cracks of lightning, subtle showers.  Makes for any … Continue reading “Mirage”

Tee Time

The luxuries of the opulent make for an abundant discussion. What can one not do with wallets bursting with currency. As I spend the first half of a very early Thursday morning at a plush golf course in uptown Muscat, this only become clearer. In recent times, golf has become one of the most exclusive, for-the-rich-only sports. It probably already was, in the West, but the trend has gradually travelled … Continue reading “Tee Time”

Secrets and Lies

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell. I spent all of last week watching the American crime series – Criminal Minds. Usually not a huge fan of gore, there was something about it that kept me gripped. The series follows a team of profilers from the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) based in Quantico, Virginia who determine the cause of a … Continue reading “Secrets and Lies”