I’m often told that Bengali is such a beautiful language. Easy to understand. Sweet on the ears. Although, the ‘mother’ tongue is essentially Punjabi, my mother is fluent in Bengali as well. And my parents have done such a fabulous job passing it on to me. At a point of time, I could read and write effortlessly as well – but then one day I wrote Bengali in my Hindi … Continue reading “Native”

“You Win or You Die”

When I first heard of the hugely popular HBO series, I thought of it to be some video game or the sorts and stayed very far away. In a while, the madness percolated to our subcontinent and it had been recommended by Akshay, Milan and Vidha; all three claimed that once one watched episode 1, there was no stopping. They were right. Game of Thrones is the first book in A … Continue reading ““You Win or You Die””

Cruising through…

Mobility is critical in the world we live in. Depending on others for any given thing is no less than imprisonment. The pangs are deeper when one lives an ‘independent’ life, has to take most decisions alone and is forced to battle through smaller and relatively large instances by themselves. It is almost criminal to not be self sufficient in most areas. Which brings me to how significant driving is. … Continue reading “Cruising through…”