A New Backpack

2013 has been so good to me Had to pack my bags every couple of months The travel folder in my Mailbox has been alive and kicking Almost exhausted myself writing travelogues I’ve had to fight opinions and advice about spending on travels. And this is exactly what I had to tell them. I’ve already got a couple of ideas for the next year: Buy a new backpack Meet some … Continue reading “A New Backpack”

Day 30# ‘Let Go’

My, time has flown past. It seemed like just the other day that I was endeavouring to start this month-long challenge to make things more interesting on the blog, and here I am on day thirty.  Today’s topic is to share my thoughts on letting go. I think I’ve said more than enough in the past. About the inability and constant struggle to be successful at this.  A few days … Continue reading “Day 30# ‘Let Go’”

Day 4# “Quote, Unquote”

Today is about quotes. As long as I remember, I’ve collected them. In my mind, in the secret diary, pasted on the walls of my closet and most recently, pinning them one of my most favourite boards on Pinterest. Tough job having to pick three of the so many that I love. But here are my top picks: “And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you … Continue reading “Day 4# “Quote, Unquote””

Better With Time

“Cultivate solitude and quiet and a few sincere friends, rather than mob merriment, noise and thousands of nodding acquaintances”– William Powell Dear Mr. Powell, I found your quote on a status, and it got me thinking.  Although in the world we live, this seems like a difficult thing, but its exactly what I endeavour to do. 


” बगिया बगिया बालक भागे तितली फिर भी हाथ ना लागे इस पगले को कौन बताए ढूँढ रहा है जो तू जग में कोई जो पाए तो मन मे ही पाए “ *** Buddha speaks and Javed Akhtar reiterates.  It is impossible to be content if you have all the riches in the world but a troubled heart.  So that’s what we should strive for – to be calm, within.

That Labyrinth Called Westeros

It is not very often that you come across a story that surprises you after every five pages and at no point in time, can you be ahead of the author. A story that feels so real, you can taste it. There is no dearth of fiction writers who create fables about knights and dragons, treachery and glory. But what is it about G.R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones that has … Continue reading “That Labyrinth Called Westeros”

One Day…

A toast. To the days when the roof was leaky. The midnight birthday revelries. To the horror that were exams. The peals of laughter at silly jokes at group study sessions. To the dreadful lack of nutrition. The small joys that chicken lollypops could bring. To missing family, but having friends around. The clouds floating through windows. To being angry with everything. The singing aloud while on trips. To not being able … Continue reading “One Day…”


Yesterday I turned the last page on the ‘Life of Pi’ and realised that there’s much I wanted to say about it. I had heard of the book when it had become a rage, but I never really got around to reading it. Then I saw the trailer of the Ang Lee directorial, and was intrigued by the story – like I have discussed in a previous post. There was a whole … Continue reading “π”


“I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars.” – Og Mandino Diwali. The festival of lights. Probably the only one I could actually celebrate over my childhood. Although I must agree that it all seemed to be more fun when I was younger, Diwali is, and always will be special.  Because there is something hopeful … Continue reading “Lumos!”

Need To Wake

When a tropical hurricane struck the most developed country in the world, there were discussions, editorials , infographics and serious contemplation on the ‘why’.  Mother Nature isn’t biased. So the reason has to be scientific. Or geographic. Or climatology-related. Over the past week, I have been following the path of Hurricane Sandy quite closely. Metaphorically speaking, of course.  I was alarmed and intrigued when I came across this image in one of … Continue reading “Need To Wake”