What have you got on them? What have they got on you? It’s all about the leverage The right kind of pressure Those perfect words So easy to get wound in them Spin a little story And dream through rose-tinted glasses You must know when to step on the gas Then in an instant, tug on the reigns Change in a moment’s notice The toughest part is to convince oneself … Continue reading “Leverage”

Never Whole

Now he left a in hole in my heart A hole in a promise A hole on the side of my bed A hole that will never fill itself A sad, deep black hole A hole that I cannot mend Now we’ve got holes in our hearts, yeah we’ve got holes in our lives Where we’ve got holes, we’ve got holes but we carry on…

Words Are Wind.

Words are easy.  They are just the things you say. In a quick moment of passion. In a heated argument. Or in a second of thoughtlessness.   You can talk for hours and when you step out of a room, they may mean nothing.  I don’t believe in promises.  In those who build castles in the air. In dreams that need no foundation. In people who don’t think twice before … Continue reading “Words Are Wind.”


The revisited dream · The haunting decision that should have been taken · The difference that a yes would have made · The trance treasured, knowing that the bubble would burst any moment · The sweet delusion.

Tuesdays at Morrison

Who goes drinking on Tuesday nights? Four girls. Cafe Morrison. Drama. Many laughs. “V”. Long Island Ice Teas. An unending slice of chocolate cake.  Waay to many Cosmopolitans attributable to Ladies Night. John Mayer singles. Spicy potato sliders. Bhardwaj, Shukla and their tall drinks! Yes, thats an iPhone! With a lavender cover! Thank you for letting me hold it, Milan ♥ There was minimum talk about work. I havent laughed this … Continue reading “Tuesdays at Morrison”

What If…

The mush movies have often been my bane. Everything is so dreamy about them, that they feel surreal. There are a few, however that have a few thoughts, moments, words that stay with me. Such was the story of ‘What If’ Regrets have always scared me. The thought of not being able to muster the courage to say or do something at the opportune moment and spend eons thinking about … Continue reading “What If…”

In My Own Kind of Hell

I’m in my own kind of hell. I’m so afraid, I don’t even blink. I’m tired of waiting for the right moment, the right person, the right opportunity. I’m astonished at the magnitude of wrongness that is pulled off. Quietly. I’m confused and disillusioned. I’m worried. I’m sick of feeling lousy. I’m angry all the times. Not always without reason. I’m exhausted trying to explain the plans to myself. I’m … Continue reading “In My Own Kind of Hell”

Romance with couplets

There used to be a time when I had a particular love for shayari; Have never been that proficient in Urdu to be able to write any myself, but from the age of text message forwards to selecting verses from my favourite ghazals, I happened to have compiled almost a diary-full of couplets. I am often stunned by the beauty of words – how once can fall in love with … Continue reading “Romance with couplets”


There have been so many days when I have sat and stared at the ‘New Post’ page, felt a flush of things I would like to let out, and ended up not being able to write anything. However, things are rather morose and have been looking down, through the past few weeks. Highlights: I missed yet another trip to the Taj Mahal I have yet again, been rendered homeless I … Continue reading “Sinking”