July 27, 2013


See a drop of blood darken the snow Stare at a blinking light for hours Sit by the phone that never rings Stow away all the boxes Build a home with pillars of sawdust Make sure the floor is quicksand Slap the walls with posters of faith And then, paint the front door red Place your hand on the pulsating speaker Scream as loud as you can  Submerge yourself in water; hold your breath Come back gasping for air *** Sometimes no matter what you do, it never is enough Even when you run the hardest and for the longest time, you always come in second What do you do…

December 22, 2011

Distress Call!

The only emotion I constantly feel is boredom. My iPod recently broke down. I’m left with only the music on the BlackBerry. I simply cannot concentrate on anything. Haven’t finished a book in forever. The MasterChef series are ending! I’m tired of eating bread all the time. I would kill for a phulka and some anda bhurji. The greys seem to be on an increasing graph. It feels like its impossible to wake up in the mornings and drag myself to work. I’ve been reading travel magazines all week long and I know that a trip is nowhere in the picture. I was recently told that I’m single because I’m…

May 9, 2011


I am in all honesty, one of the most stupid people who exist on planet earth. I believe in people and trust them to levels wherein they can hurt me deeply.I refuse to lose hope, until all energy is drained out of me.I refuse to confront, and it is understood as I am incapable of a retort.I cannot ‘draw a line’ between frienship and professionalismNot matter how much I try, I cannot talk less.I am always open to be taken advantage of, time and again without any learnings. If I could only wake up one morning, strong and brave and unaffected by the trivia called people who I have given…

March 17, 2011


There have been so many days when I have sat and stared at the ‘New Post’ page, felt a flush of things I would like to let out, and ended up not being able to write anything. However, things are rather morose and have been looking down, through the past few weeks. Highlights: I missed yet another trip to the Taj Mahal I have yet again, been rendered homeless I am going to be alone on Holi I can feel the summers coming back I am, for the first time in my life, regretting a career decision I am giving up on people I have not used my camera, apart…

March 1, 2011

It is time

It feels right. Just the time to give up. Even though I might never really be able to let go, now is the time to prepare my heart and mind. It is time.