Calcutta, always.

The last time I saw my grandmother was a year and a half ago. I’ve been feeling the guilt for a while now. My baby nieces are growing by the day.  Mamata Banerjee has changed almost all the names of the metro stations to utter ridiculousness.  Winters are also the season for rasgullas made of jaggery.  The closest cousin is going through awful times and I feel terrible for not … Continue reading “Calcutta, always.”

Light It Up!

The festival of lights is here  And there is no better place to be than home  This year, the Rangoli is almost perfect The refrigerator is stocked with sweet delights Happy Diwali, everyone! Thank you for the tip, Naween Bhaiya! Ma, attending the finer bits Supervising. The prayer room Just like last year’s one 🙂 Chakrabortys say “Happy Diwali”

Day 16# लक्ष्य

Out of the many many things that I want to achieve in this limited lifetime, the most prominent one that comes to mind when I am asked, what I really dream of doing is – to build a house, and make it a home. You might say – how materialistic. But only those who don’t have it, know what it means.  For the past decade I have seen my parents … Continue reading “Day 16# लक्ष्य”

Rāga Yaman Kalyan

You know that song that you come across accidentally, then listen to all day, and hum it again at night? I have this vague feeling of deja-vu listening to this rendition by Shriram Iyer, in collaboration with our favourite clarinetist – Shankar Tucker. It reminds me of the times when three days in a week, a harmonium was at my feet and my knowledge of Hindustani classical vocals was seasoned. … Continue reading “Rāga Yaman Kalyan”

Turning Pages

Books. I love everything about them.  The mysteries they hold. The satisfying whiff when I hold them close. The anticipation when you have to leave them midway and the gratification in having completed a story.  Reading from Mischief Managed, I thought of listing the ones that top my list and the ten authors who will always be on my auto-buy list. J.K. Rowling. For the pure magic she spins. Except … Continue reading “Turning Pages”


“I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars.” – Og Mandino Diwali. The festival of lights. Probably the only one I could actually celebrate over my childhood. Although I must agree that it all seemed to be more fun when I was younger, Diwali is, and always will be special.  Because there is something hopeful … Continue reading “Lumos!”

No Place Like Home

I feel my eyes well up every time I hear this song.  Unplugged or not. Regardless of the growing belief that getting out is the only way forward, how far can you really run from home? If only Shahrukh, Ashutosh Gowarikar and A.R. Rahman realised that this movie and its songs were one of their best works, they would have attempted a reunion.  I don’t know how they got it so right, … Continue reading “No Place Like Home”

Almost Pujo

Today is Mahalaya. The invoking of life in the idol of Goddess Durga. The beginning of what will be an entire week, followed by a hangover of a month of festivities. Today is the  one day when almost everyone is awake at the break of dawn. Probably the only day when the people of Bengal tune into AIR to listen to Mahisashur Mardini by Birendra Krishna Bhadra and quietly hum … Continue reading “Almost Pujo”

Reverse Countdown

I never thought I would be looking forward to staying in Gurgaon. But as the date draws near, I find myself unconsciously counting backwards. Like now, I am one of three people in office and this is what I see in front of me. It might sound strange but I find the sight calming and happiness inducing. In my first two years of being here, there were numerous number of late … Continue reading “Reverse Countdown”

Bleeding Hart

It has been a really long time since I sat down and actually enjoyed football. I can clearly recall how the parents and I would sit down after dinner to watch the late matches of some FIFA World Cup. Baba would take a print out of the schedule and I would dutifully update it. The 2010 World Cup was an absolute blur and owing to my rubbish Gurgaon PG I didnt … Continue reading “Bleeding Hart”