A Ceylon Odyssey

I’m usually known to procrastinate specific things in life like exercise, collecting on finances and making phone calls among others, but I feel most guilty when I delay writing travelogues. From personal experience, I feel that the memories and trivia are most fresh within the week of returning from a trip, making it the opportune moment to pen it down for memory’s sake. It has been over two months to … Continue reading “A Ceylon Odyssey”


A couple of months ago, on weekend family movie night, the parents and I were watching this Satyajit Ray classic – ‘Agantuk’. Translated into English, it means ‘The Stranger’ and is about a family dealing with the sudden visit of a long lost uncle. In the film, this uncle, having travelled the world, educates us about wanderlust (Did you know that this term is an English loanword which was already extant … Continue reading “Hrvatska!”

The last 2011 weekend

There’s an outburst of ‘Our offices are closed for the holidays’ emails – it’s definitely that time of the year. Even though I didnt get a tree, a present or even a cake, this weekend was happy and full of people and a few of my favourite movies on television. Friday evening began with meeting Pisho, who was here all week for the Ranji trophy match which his team won. … Continue reading “The last 2011 weekend”


I feel I’m finally ready to narrate the experience which will be the highlight of my annual out-of-country vacation. The immediate action might have been majorly inspired by the commercial blockbuster, but I’ve always been deeply passionate about the ocean and watched countless documentaries and been in awe of those who were able to muster their courage and take the step. Scuba diving. Despite the innumerable constraints that Muscat poses, … Continue reading “Buoyancy”

Romance with couplets

There used to be a time when I had a particular love for shayari; Have never been that proficient in Urdu to be able to write any myself, but from the age of text message forwards to selecting verses from my favourite ghazals, I happened to have compiled almost a diary-full of couplets. I am often stunned by the beauty of words – how once can fall in love with … Continue reading “Romance with couplets”

Paint it Red and Blue

Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar have, for quite a while been making movies which appeal to audiences with absolutely ordinary, even mundane lives to break free; they have been screaming out ‘One life, live it to the fullest’. Be it the original college boys in ‘Dil Chahta Hai’, or the superbly inspiring Hrithik Roshan story in ‘Lakshya’, the musical muses in ‘Rock On!’, to the most recent of bromances in … Continue reading “Paint it Red and Blue”