Santa and the 80’s

The holiday spirit has set in at work. Our workstations now sport a mini Christmas tree, the reception and meeting rooms are alight. Last Friday the major action was around the office year-end party and Secret Santa. I was given a beautiful potted bamboo shoot plant and I had no idea all through the weekend who my Secret Santa was. Warming up to surprises as well, it seems 🙂 The … Continue reading “Santa and the 80’s”

More Weekend Chronicles…

One of the more eventful weekends that I’ve spent in the past 7 months; more because these are the winters, and I have now sworn to not let my lack of mobility get in my way of meeting people and doing fun stuff! Friday night was the year-end office party! At a venue which was falsely communicated to be ‘Turquoise Cottage’ in Adchini, Delhi and turned out to be a … Continue reading “More Weekend Chronicles…”