Summer Tales

Although I cannot stop complaining about the way my life is increasingly edging towards mundane, looking back at my photo albums, there seems to have been a lot of movement. There seems to be a lot happening and I haven’t been able to keep account of the activities, so in no particular order, here goes:

# Ridhima got married. Swetha, Bhardwaj and I splurged on an air-conditioned cab to get there and be a part of her big day in Jaipur. It was my first trip to Rajasthan and while I was awestruck by all its Rajputana majesty and grandeur; I would never recommend that anyone visit during peak summers. We returned a few shades darker, regardless of the SPF 100! For a detailed account, please read here

# Being the global company Edelman is, we incite a lot of attention from the West. Which brings us to how Matthew Lawrence Longmore (Call him Matt) came to begin his internship in our Gurgaon office. Being the well-travelled American, he didn’t want to waste a single day off at home and set out to various destinations with able guidance from his copy of the ‘Lonely Planet’. I had never set foot in Punjab and had heard so much about the much revered Golden Temple in Amritsar and the India-Pakistan border, so we set out along with him. Although the experience at the border was, according to me beyond words – but Matt managed to put the exact feeling down and although it’s a Caucasian’s account (:p), it pretty much reflects how the rest of us felt. Read here. We also waited in line at the Golden Temple in Ambarsar till 2 am, something I would never do at a Hindu temple. I don’t know what it is about Sikhism that has always seemed pristine and closer to God than anything else I’ve experienced. In chronological order of events (Delhi–> Wagah Border–>Amrtisar–> Delhi)

# I got my annual leave approved! Cannot wait for the week in July to visit Kolkata and attend Shoi’s wedding. Towards the end of August, it will be Muscat. The excitement quotient is high as am trying to figure out an exotic destination trip punched into the Eid holidays around which this leave is planned. A maximum of 6 days, and a cruise liner is a pre-requisite. Greece, Seychelles and Turkey are work-in-progress. Also open to suggestions!

# Life at work has undergone a drastic change. Although everyone around me tells me of the opportunities that surface, I cannot help but feel like I am letting go of something which was precious, something which I had invested a lot of energy into building and sustaining. It sucks to be the emotional dim-wit.

# Worked on presentations for one entire month. Created five presentations and am now devoid of any more ‘creativity’ till at least the next financial year! Also presented these in front of the client and did not stutter. Moment of tremendous satisfaction.

# A cousin got engaged all of a sudden. Now he’s getting married in November. Is life fast or what.

# Met with Akshay and Potty while they were visiting Delhi. It was super to see them and felt like clean and honest good times.

# Summit Entertainment released the trailer of Breaking Dawn ~Part 1~ this week and for a few days, I sunk back into my Twilight cavern! They took over IMDb and that’s something I haven’t seen yet. It also shook me back into reality and I remembered that I had been saving the last book in fear that it would all be over. Guess the time has come to get started with it.

#Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part II releases on July 15, 2011. I had been dreading this as well. It will be the end of an era.

Among things I am really excited about is Coke Studio on MTV. The music in the Pakistan edition was heavenly; cannot wait to see what we have created.

Am also parched and awaiting the monsoons.