From Italy, with love…

I remember the first time I tasted this little piece of Italian heaven. In a relatively new café known as ‘Sweet Chariot’ – way back in 2005; it felt so good, I almost assumed that there could be no way that one could possibly make it at home. During the recent trip to Italy, I got the parents to sample it and they loved it so much, that I thought … Continue reading “From Italy, with love…”


It was now time to bid Paris a teary goodbye. Belgium awaited.  We drove four hours to the capital city of Brussels, where we first stopped at the Atomium. We were explained what the significance of this iconic structure was, but after I heard that meeting rooms were built in the spheres, they kind of lost me. However, for the education of all, the Atomium was originally constructed for the 1958 Brussels World’s Fair … Continue reading “Belgium”

Pocket Confectionery

What does one do when a boring weekend is coming to an end, when there’s absolutely nothing to watch on TV and when your favourite football team was defeated 4-0 marking the end of a rather disappointing season? Bake. Of course.  I came across this recipe whilst Pinterest-ing and saved it, owing to the sheer simplicity that it promised. Can you thinking of mixing a few ingredients into your regular … Continue reading “Pocket Confectionery”

Crêperie, s’il vous plaît?

I am often told that I do not eat to live, but rather eat to live.  Food is my panacea.  For when I’m low, when I’m ecstatic, when I’m afraid, when boredom strikes, or even life seem hopeless! As I have already written before, one of my most favourite television shows is definitely the Master Chef series. I also take particular pride in my ‘Gourmandise’ board on Pinterest. Now, since … Continue reading “Crêperie, s’il vous plaît?”

Summer Tales

Although I cannot stop complaining about the way my life is increasingly edging towards mundane, looking back at my photo albums, there seems to have been a lot of movement. There seems to be a lot happening and I haven’t been able to keep account of the activities, so in no particular order, here goes: # Ridhima got married. Swetha, Bhardwaj and I splurged on an air-conditioned cab to get … Continue reading “Summer Tales”

Dilli Diaries

Keeping true to at least one of my resolutions, have been braving the weekend afternoon laziness and stepping out over the past few weeks. The metro rides are now something I look forward to, the walks are getting longer, the winter clothes are being shed one after another, and I have perhaps begun to understand why some people are so fond of Delhi. It all began on a Friday while … Continue reading “Dilli Diaries”