August in the Midwest ?

I’m quite aware that I am probably one of the 12 people in the world who still use the Swarm (erstwhile Foursquare) app. But this morning it reminded me that it had been a year to the day that I hopped on a plane to begin what was going to be a slightly modified version of the great American road trip that I had always dreamed of. On the anniversary … Continue reading “August in the Midwest ?”

South African Sojourn

For years I have been intrigued by the largest and oldest inhabited continent on the planet, the melting pot of culture and civilization from time immemorial, the home to the wildest and the gentlest – Africa. The only time I have stepped in it was as a teenager, when my parents took me to Egypt, and I distinctly remember being stunned by all what it had to offer, even at … Continue reading “South African Sojourn”


A couple of months ago, on weekend family movie night, the parents and I were watching this Satyajit Ray classic – ‘Agantuk’. Translated into English, it means ‘The Stranger’ and is about a family dealing with the sudden visit of a long lost uncle. In the film, this uncle, having travelled the world, educates us about wanderlust (Did you know that this term is an English loanword which was already extant … Continue reading “Hrvatska!”


So where does all of Oman go whenever we have an extended weekend?  Step out during the Eid holidays to see the Muscat streets sparsely populated and you just know it. Everyone is in Dubai!  While growing up, that’s what we did too. Drove down to the United Arab Emirates, stayed with friends or family and had picnics near the Creek. Even in the 90’s Dubai and Abu Dhabi was … Continue reading “DXB”

The American Sojourn!

So it has been a week that I returned from the States and I’m not even close to wearing off the jet lag. Now that I’m actually feeling more like myself, an account is necessary. So where shall I start… Reetika, Richa and I know each other from the time that we went to college at SCMS-UG – around the time that the iPod classic first generation was in vogue. Through … Continue reading “The American Sojourn!”

Santa and the 80’s

The holiday spirit has set in at work. Our workstations now sport a mini Christmas tree, the reception and meeting rooms are alight. Last Friday the major action was around the office year-end party and Secret Santa. I was given a beautiful potted bamboo shoot plant and I had no idea all through the weekend who my Secret Santa was. Warming up to surprises as well, it seems 🙂 The … Continue reading “Santa and the 80’s”