There & Back Again

The spotlight is on the coolest little film-making capital in the world as the scene is set for the world premiere of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey on the coming Wednesday. Take a look at the venue – the Embassy Hotel in Wellington. Anyone well acquainted with Peter Jackson and his films will have absolutely no doubt as to the magic that will be spun. I’ve been following this movie very … Continue reading “There & Back Again”

No Place Like Home

I feel my eyes well up every time I hear this song.  Unplugged or not. Regardless of the growing belief that getting out is the only way forward, how far can you really run from home? If only Shahrukh, Ashutosh Gowarikar and A.R. Rahman realised that this movie and its songs were one of their best works, they would have attempted a reunion.  I don’t know how they got it so right, … Continue reading “No Place Like Home”

Time Of Our Lives

To think of it, seems like only yesterday that I walked into the office of a rather unknown firm – a R & PM Edelman. I had never heard of them, not before I had begun organising internships for my public relations batch at college. By the end of the college year, in a whirl, I had interviewed with them, got selected and chose Gurgaon as a desired geography. Although … Continue reading “Time Of Our Lives”

Bleeding Hart

It has been a really long time since I sat down and actually enjoyed football. I can clearly recall how the parents and I would sit down after dinner to watch the late matches of some FIFA World Cup. Baba would take a print out of the schedule and I would dutifully update it. The 2010 World Cup was an absolute blur and owing to my rubbish Gurgaon PG I didnt … Continue reading “Bleeding Hart”

Conquest Of Paradise

A few days ago I was curiously reminded of a video that was most regularly played before guest lectures and important occassions during my post graduation. It was one of those rare five minutes in the college auditorium, where the parade-like music thumped and there was pin-drop silence. I have often noticed that the passion and inspiration that sport brings, are hardly matched by any other. Be it the Indian blockbuster Chak … Continue reading “Conquest Of Paradise”

All About Ads

To quote our CEO, videos are the future. The visual content grabs attention like no other and has the advantage of imagery as well as music – making the whole package difficult to miss and remain etched in memories of its target audiences. This is a collection of five advertisements which have left me enthralled, and I couldn’t help but add them to my You Tube favourites. “Thank You, Mom” … Continue reading “All About Ads”

Reel Christmas

The last month of 2011 has begun and it looks rather promising on the entertainment front! Although for most, in India, Christmas is not really a huge deal – we have our own set of elaborate festivities to deal with. I’ve never seen or been a part of authentic Christmas celebrations – the ornate trees, carols, the traditional meals consisting of roast turkey, served with roast potatoes, parsnips; not to … Continue reading “Reel Christmas”