From Italy, with love…

I remember the first time I tasted this little piece of Italian heaven. In a relatively new café known as ‘Sweet Chariot’ – way back in 2005; it felt so good, I almost assumed that there could be no way that one could possibly make it at home. During the recent trip to Italy, I got the parents to sample it and they loved it so much, that I thought … Continue reading “From Italy, with love…”

I resolve to!

Twelve days past the beginning of the year, and I guess the resolutions post should not be delayed further. However, this year’s resolutions are more of a must-achieve than the usual wish list. So here goes: 1. Learn to Drive Mobility has been a bitch. I haven’t been able to meet so many people who I wanted to, and the others who I have managed to meet, have been thanks … Continue reading “I resolve to!”

The Match

The IPL finals just happened tonight. What a match it was, the Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Super Kings! Since, the Kolkata Knight Riders had gracefully bowed out of the tournament, quite a while ago – I had no idea which team I would be rooting for. So, I just sat on the couch, with corn cones and Pepsi, and decided to go with the flow. An excellent innings by the … Continue reading “The Match”