While we had already stepped into Munich at the beginning of our journey, the rest of the Germany journey was yet to begin. One of the largest countries in that part of Europe, it has stood witness to so much history and change, that it has continued to fascinate people from all over the globe. And we were no different. We were driving across the Netherlands from the western most … Continue reading “Deutschland”

Bleeding Hart

It has been a really long time since I sat down and actually enjoyed football. I can clearly recall how the parents and I would sit down after dinner to watch the late matches of some FIFA World Cup. Baba would take a print out of the schedule and I would dutifully update it. The 2010 World Cup was an absolute blur and owing to my rubbish Gurgaon PG I didnt … Continue reading “Bleeding Hart”

I resolve to!

Twelve days past the beginning of the year, and I guess the resolutions post should not be delayed further. However, this year’s resolutions are more of a must-achieve than the usual wish list. So here goes: 1. Learn to Drive Mobility has been a bitch. I haven’t been able to meet so many people who I wanted to, and the others who I have managed to meet, have been thanks … Continue reading “I resolve to!”