I resolve to!

Twelve days past the beginning of the year, and I guess the resolutions post should not be delayed further. However, this year’s resolutions are more of a must-achieve than the usual wish list. So here goes: 1. Learn to Drive Mobility has been a bitch. I haven’t been able to meet so many people who I wanted to, and the others who I have managed to meet, have been thanks … Continue reading “I resolve to!”

Weekend update!

Spent almost all my time looking for an apartment in vain. Not to miss not having a vehicle to drive one from broker to broker, an apartment with violently violet ceilings to another with only the first layer of plaster in place. Frustrating spelt out in caps. I hate being a nomad. The irony lies in the fact that I have been raised in the Middle East. However, i have … Continue reading “Weekend update!”


Yesterday was packed with a little more shopping, food and a set back by means of my laptop refusing to start up, and making revolting beeps at regular intervals. I am worried. However, to gether the happy bits, Ma and myself were dropped to Qurum (the shopping hub of the city) around the afternoon, by our kind neighbours; We began at Al Araimi Plaza, and walked through the entire area … Continue reading “Occurrences”