March has been the most active month on the calendar from work point of view! Huge amount of client activity and was also part of the team organising the largest media conference in the first quarter of 2011! It has all been hush and crazy in terms of the amount of work, but guess being employed with one of the largest international Public Relations consultancies gives you these opportunities. Although … Continue reading “B-M-W”

A date with bikes, rock and Delhi winters!

A weekend where I managed to surprise myself. After a Friday night of Long Island Ice Teas at Jolly Rogers and heavy introspecting sessions till 4 am, it was near impossible to wake myself before 4 in the afternoon, but I woke up by half past one, and had left home by two! Destination: Harley Rock Riders Grand Finale at Hamsadhwani Auditorium, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. A brilliant beginning to … Continue reading “A date with bikes, rock and Delhi winters!”