September 17, 2015

Counting blessings.

It just dawned me on a few days ago that this September marked three years of my move from India to Oman. It was a dizzying thought, to picture how the time had flown past. When most people ask me what it is like, here – I usually complain. I find myself harping over the 10 months of summer, the lack of public transportation, the general aura of apathy that the country wears, my friendless-ness and the list could really go on. Sitting at my recently redecorated cubicle on a particularly optimism-filled day, I thought to myself of how much good had come out of these past few years. There…

August 1, 2014


A couple of months ago, on weekend family movie night, the parents and I were watching this Satyajit Ray classic – ‘Agantuk’. Translated into English, it means ‘The Stranger’ and is about a family dealing with the sudden visit of a long lost uncle. In the film, this uncle, having travelled the world, educates us about wanderlust (Did you know that this term is an English loanword which was already extant in the German language – pronounced wander-loost). It’s a rush like no other. A bug that bit me early in my twenties, inspired by the company I kept and their love for just packing bags and stepping out. And I…

February 9, 2014

Calcutta, always.

The last time I saw my grandmother was a year and a half ago. I’ve been feeling the guilt for a while now. My baby nieces are growing by the day.  Mamata Banerjee has changed almost all the names of the metro stations to utter ridiculousness.  Winters are also the season for rasgullas made of jaggery.  The closest cousin is going through awful times and I feel terrible for not being able to be there for her.  So when I heard that a college mate was getting married in the home city, there was no way I was going to let it pass.  It was just over a week, and…

May 22, 2013

The American Sojourn!

So it has been a week that I returned from the States and I’m not even close to wearing off the jet lag. Now that I’m actually feeling more like myself, an account is necessary. So where shall I start… Reetika, Richa and I know each other from the time that we went to college at SCMS-UG – around the time that the iPod classic first generation was in vogue. Through three years of gruelling education, living it up in Pune, marking proxy attendance in class, study and sleepover sessions, birthday acquisition trips and feasting on the Smokey Chicken Wrap from the corner wrap store –Wrap Around – we made it…

April 8, 2013

Special Chabbis!

It’s not every day that one turns twenty six.  It is also not common for me to have time on hand to write a proper elaborate birthday post. But this year I do, and I thought I would reflect on how lovely April 08 has been for me, over the years. What better way to do it, than with pictures.  Through the years, Ma and Baba went out of their way to make the day the most special for me. Presents, parties, and confetti! It makes me smile, thinking of the excitement at not having to wear the school uniform to school for one day in a year, the immense…

March 10, 2013

The Withdrawn Mathematician

Muscat, for me is so packed with memories that there is probably no such place that I can go to without being reminded that this is the place where I grew up.  Just this morning, on my way to work I spotted a man who looked like someone I knew. Identifying an uncanny resemblance, I twisted in my seat to get a better look as the car whooshed past. Hoping that it might just be him. My math teacher. Who, to me was one of the best educators one could have. A solitary man who lived a living as simple as simple could be. His entire life revolved around his…

April 10, 2012

Happy To Me

A lot of phone calls, a birthday card from Ma-Baba, many blessings later I am twenty five plus two days and floating in the happiness of being given a fabulous Canon 50 mm lens for portraits (Courtesy: Aditya, Ankita, Richa, Milan and Vidha) , a spanking new purple watch (Thank you, Basu), a Jack-in-the-box who says ‘I Love You’, a stuffed toy croc and a lovely FastTrack bag (Thank you, Shoita) , ‘The Man in my head’ by Pico Iyer from Neha and The Hunger Games book series (In a pretty wrapped package sitting on my office desk – brainchild of Naween Bhaiya). ♥ The day, in pictures! Such precious people and moments. How blessed…

March 8, 2012

A Better Place

Amid all of the other disturbances, the world seems so much of a better place when Mothers are around. On this Women’s Day, a little tribute to the most beautiful woman I know and an unconditional love that can be never replaced.

December 5, 2011

The Sound of Music

I’ve been one of the fortunate few in the world whose lives have been almost always inspired by music. Being a single-child in a Bengali household, music is something one cannot escape from – it is crucial to be trained in vocals or an Indian classical instrument and to display one’s ‘talent’ on every visit to the motherland. I distinctly remember returning from school in the scorching middle-east sun in the afternoons, grabbing a quick lunch and an even shorter nap to wake up in time for my music instructor (respectfully called ‘Master Ji’) to arrive. Three times a week, for more than six years, I was made to sit…