I’ve always had it in for emotional advertising; so much that I still have a folder tucked away in my hard disk that contain the few that pulled on heartstrings. During the MBA, and through my personal reading, I realised that this was a deliberate strategy by brands into making us associate with them through the emotional connect. Lately, my favourite digital media specialist wrote about this societal dimension of … Continue reading “Wish”

London Dreams

London through rose-tinted glasses  I dreamt of London last night.   I dint know why but its still as clear as it can get.   There wasn’t anything eventful in the dream but I found myself roaming endlessly and aimlessly in the city.   I took pictures of the Big Ben and Instagrammed it (Yes, even in the subconscious)   I lived in a house with a bright red door.   I … Continue reading “London Dreams”

Reverse Countdown

I never thought I would be looking forward to staying in Gurgaon. But as the date draws near, I find myself unconsciously counting backwards. Like now, I am one of three people in office and this is what I see in front of me. It might sound strange but I find the sight calming and happiness inducing. In my first two years of being here, there were numerous number of late … Continue reading “Reverse Countdown”

Paint it Red and Blue

Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar have, for quite a while been making movies which appeal to audiences with absolutely ordinary, even mundane lives to break free; they have been screaming out ‘One life, live it to the fullest’. Be it the original college boys in ‘Dil Chahta Hai’, or the superbly inspiring Hrithik Roshan story in ‘Lakshya’, the musical muses in ‘Rock On!’, to the most recent of bromances in … Continue reading “Paint it Red and Blue”

Time of My Life

It never rains when you want it to. Life is unpredictable, as are the people who form it. That seems to my biggest problem with it. Why cannot we stay still for a while, why cannot things that have taken months and years to perfect, not rest a little for a moment – just so that one can admire the effort put into creating them. The older and the wiser … Continue reading “Time of My Life”


A jolt is all you need. A significant push, an apple falling on the head, a sudden revelation, a kick in the nuts to shake you out of the comfortable universe you live in. These shoves come in various forms, intensities and sometimes, when you expect it the least. Some of them will shake you to the core and leave you in a daze, others might bore a hole through … Continue reading “Jolt!”