February 24, 2015

A Ceylon Odyssey

I’m usually known to procrastinate specific things in life like exercise, collecting on finances and making phone calls among others, but I feel most guilty when I delay writing travelogues. From personal experience, I feel that the memories and trivia are most fresh within the week of returning from a trip, making it the opportune moment to pen it down for memory’s sake. It has been over two months to my trip to the island nation of Ceylon, and I’ve only got down to penning it down today. Milan and I had been planning to travel together for almost over a year. The Calcutta monotony was getting to her and…

August 3, 2014


All of us have different definitions of peace A feeling that we probably cannot share I’ve always wondered how it would be to live underwater Minus the diving gear and all Then I stumbled across this video of the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium And as I watched it on full screen It felt like zen  I have been very vocal about my opinion of the captivity of marine animals, and I think that it is awful that beautiful creatures as whale sharks, among others should have to spend the entirety of their lives in a closed tank, swimming in circle – going nowhere. The objective of this post is not to promote…

June 17, 2014

Terima Kasih, Bali

I hardly ever procrastinate when it comes to travelogues, but I guess this maddening summer and the backlog of television series have collectively contributed to the laziness. This year’s first step out was owed to a work trip to a part of the world that I haven’t been to since I was in my teens. The Indonesian archipelago has 18,307 islands and I was going to visit one of the most popular ones – Bali. Known as the child star of Indonesia who rose to a life of stardom and has been on the lips of every traveller dreaming of a tropical getaway – Bali is lush, culturally unique and…

December 23, 2013

Sun ~ Sea ~ Sand

There used to be a time when I didn’t mind working weekends, lots of consecutive weekends. Late hours. Pizza for all three meals. Doing the work of three people at less than the basic wage rate of a American Mc Donald’s fries maker.  Those days are long gone. As have the reasons why I even enjoyed the crazy times.  So when I was asked to staff a weekend media event, the obviously reaction was to think of calling in sick. But then the hibernating little Jiminy Cricket inside mumbled something about being an abominable bore and I thought that a day on a beach couldn’t really be that bad –…

November 5, 2013

Ebb & Flow

How I have missed walking barefoot on the beach Playing that familiar game with the ebb and flow Sand so warm and comforting Sea foam kissing my feet gently I could stay there forever Listening to the waves whisper Gazing out into the horizon Breathing in the salty air I will always love the sea.

April 28, 2013

Isla Mujeres

This little island off the coast of Mexico has been on my radar for a while. Ask me why? Because it is a part of the planet where nature puts up a spectacular display that is not only immensely fascinating, but ethereal.  Swimming with whale sharks. That’s what these Mexican waters have in store. Before you shake your head thinking that this is one of those things you’ve seen on Animal Planet (Read: Man in a cage feeding great white sharks), let me tell you, its not even close.  These gentle mammals are unlike any sharks you’ve ever heard of. In fact, they take on more of whale-like attributes. Feeding only on…

March 13, 2013

Take Part!

I believe that even if we are fortunate enough to travel to every country on the globe, there will be much left unseen. And most of it will be what lies beneath. Under the expansive sheet of oceans, which make for three quarters of our planet.  What beauty resides there? What mysteries there are in the depths that man has yet not been able to reach? How many wondrous life forms exist that call the ocean their home? I have been fascinated by these questions since I was very young, and have pored over scores of books and magazines, watched hours of documentaries and still have learned so little.  What…

February 24, 2013


“We all come from the sea. But we are not all of the sea. Those of us who are, we children of the tides, must return to it again and again.” *** When a movie starts with such a quote, is there any other way than to devour it? I had been waiting for this one for a while. It’s about a sport that I find daunting, yet fascinating. Surfing. Riding skyscrapers made of water on a thin plastic board. The ocean is a treasure chest. Often as intimidating, as it is enigmatic. It carries deep secrets, places where man has never been, and might never even get to. The…

January 25, 2013

Marina Thursday

The ocean getaway was being planned for a while now, but the winds just weren’t cooperating. So this Thursday morning, when my colleague Rebecca texted me to say that WindFinder was predicting waveless seas, I was up at 7 am all dressed and read to hit the blue! Rebecca and her husband own a lovely little motorboat here and take it out on weekends from the Bander Al Rowdha Marina. Its the ideal thing to do in Muscat winters- dolphin watching, fishing and the occasional spotting of a whale. It is no wonder that when she asked if I’d like to come along, I jumped at the proposition! So there…

November 6, 2012

The Obituary Of Waves

I read this on my reader and for a moment fell in love with the thought.  I wanted this to never get lost, so am re-posting here. *** Waves. Nobody ever writes them. No one stops and thinks about how they come to an end, using up their dying breath to sometimes crash passionately against the rocks and sometimes kiss the sand tenderly before disappearing. I wonder if the waves know they are rushing towards their end? Or maybe they think that what lies in front is a whole new destination. But we all sit by the shore and watch them. And listen to the sound ages after it dies…