No Place Like Home

I feel my eyes well up every time I hear this song.  Unplugged or not. Regardless of the growing belief that getting out is the only way forward, how far can you really run from home? If only Shahrukh, Ashutosh Gowarikar and A.R. Rahman realised that this movie and its songs were one of their best works, they would have attempted a reunion.  I don’t know how they got it so right, … Continue reading “No Place Like Home”


The past month has been such a rush. Ever since I got back from home, I was welcomed by an avalanche of work-related madness. There was the first Indian Grand Prix which the whole team was excited about. From the moment we pitched for the account, and won it, we realised that this was the biggest event that the country would witness in this year. Frequent drives to and from … Continue reading “October”


Yesterday was packed with a little more shopping, food and a set back by means of my laptop refusing to start up, and making revolting beeps at regular intervals. I am worried. However, to gether the happy bits, Ma and myself were dropped to Qurum (the shopping hub of the city) around the afternoon, by our kind neighbours; We began at Al Araimi Plaza, and walked through the entire area … Continue reading “Occurrences”

Movies and more….

I have been watching an assortment of movies/series/videos, through this past week. The highlights are: # 101 Dalmatians – Yet again, this classic has ensured that my love for dogs increase everytime I watch it. Kudos, Walt Disney! # Wuthering Heights – Now I know what tragedy is. # The 55th Idea Filmfare Awards – Thanks to a certain Rahul Kumar, and our intranet IP messenger; this was a complete … Continue reading “Movies and more….”

Aluminium Railing.

The feeling of being a nomad, has lived with me for years now. It often feels that people take the simplest things for granted. Since I was a child, the concept of airports has thrilled me immensely. Be it, the mundane annual trip from Muscat to Kolkata every year during summer holidays. The whole process of making lists and shopping for everyone in the family, packing, the duty free shop … Continue reading “Aluminium Railing.”