December 29, 2013

2013 | Resolution Rehash

This year was mostly a blur.  I know I say it almost every year, but this one was truly exceptional. Day after day, months ran past me – and it is already time to re-look at the goals-of-the-year and check things off the list (hopefully) and put down the highlights of the year! 2013 was satisfying. It had it lows, but the highs outweighed them in all regards. I set myself thirteen goals for the year and I don’t think I did too badly.  Language. The attempt to better my dismal Arabic skills. Not much progress on this front, the lack of mobility disallowed classes, but my colloquial spoken is much…

March 2, 2013


A couple of new beginnings. The tense excitement that follows.  I’ve mustered the courage to put myself out there and dream. Now to reach out and make it happen. Here’s to a shubhaarambh. 

December 31, 2012

Lucky Number Thirteen

So here we are.  At the end of another year. Recollecting how it whooshed past, making us older and wiser. At the brink of 2013, I cannot foresee what lies ahead, but I know that this year will be important – I will turn 26,  two dear friends will get married, several epic movies will release and I hope various other exciting things will happen. As is customary, it is time to write that resolution post. The one in which I annually make promises to myself. I have decided to call them ‘goals’ this year. Resolutions just sound too dreamy to come true. Hence, I have made a few amends to my list. …

January 13, 2012

The Resolute List

It is that time of the year to review last year’s resolution list and see how I’ve done. Referring back to last year’s post: 1. Learn to drive. Check. 2. Meet people, socialize positively. Sort of check. I have made a few really great friends this year. Nothing proactive, though. Nor romantic. 3. Lose weight. Uncheck. Bah, I haven’t even tried this one. To be transferred to the ‘To do’ carried forward list. 4. Learn to play the violin. I knew this was far fetched even while I was writing it last year. Someday, though. 5. Learn or re-learn a foreign language. Not doing very great, am I. But I…

November 21, 2011

Cruising through…

Mobility is critical in the world we live in. Depending on others for any given thing is no less than imprisonment. The pangs are deeper when one lives an ‘independent’ life, has to take most decisions alone and is forced to battle through smaller and relatively large instances by themselves. It is almost criminal to not be self sufficient in most areas. Which brings me to how significant driving is. The need felt the most desperate for the past year and half – my stint in Gurgaon. Prior to this, Pune and Kolkata didn’t pose problems as the cities are extremely well connected and public transport is affordable and comfortable….

February 4, 2011

Dilli Diaries

Keeping true to at least one of my resolutions, have been braving the weekend afternoon laziness and stepping out over the past few weeks. The metro rides are now something I look forward to, the walks are getting longer, the winter clothes are being shed one after another, and I have perhaps begun to understand why some people are so fond of Delhi. It all began on a Friday while I was scanning Hindustan Times City for some client related stuff and came across the advertisement for Disney’s all new animated movie –‘Tangled’. Knowing my experiences with Harry Potter’s latest, my love for animation and the fact that I have…

January 12, 2011

I resolve to!

Twelve days past the beginning of the year, and I guess the resolutions post should not be delayed further. However, this year’s resolutions are more of a must-achieve than the usual wish list. So here goes: 1. Learn to Drive Mobility has been a bitch. I haven’t been able to meet so many people who I wanted to, and the others who I have managed to meet, have been thanks to their consistent efforts to pick me up and drop me back home. It feels really horrible, this depending on people to transport me around. Delhi’s such a wonderful place to look around, and I saw the Rashtrapati Bhavan only…